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Disclaimer: Results May Vary
“Caree, I believed you when you told me it works -as I can see the difference on you- I truly say I look better at 55 than I did at 45 forever great full for your great service and all the time you have taken with me to get me to this place in my life I thought only liposuction was going to be my option – so glad I went with Coolsculpt. No surgery, and I am thrilled with my body. Thank you Gratefully” – H. P. *
“I am so happy with my Coolsculpt! I was a little skeptical as the zerona did not work and I wasted so much money and time and no results. My muffin top is gone I am thrilled. Hard to believe in 2 hours it was done and no overhang on my jeans. I feel sexy and look young. I look smaller than my 19 yr. old daughter in my jeans” – Jacqueline *
“Mommy tummy all gone! With 2 babies I thought my body was over especially after my c section. I had a bulge that no diet or exercise could take it away. Happy to say mummy tummy is gone.” – M.Z. *
“Just wanted to let you know, I have now lost a full 2” from my “flanks” – amazing – I have not been able to achieve that before even with the 4 days per week exercise sessions!  I anxiously await bikini season!!! Thanks!” – Della Vorshuk, INFOFIT Educators (CoolSculpting™ Procedure) *
“Last fall, I had two Titan treatments with excellent results. I am interested in a maintenance treatment. I love the way my jaw and neck looked so much I just cannot get over the look of my neck and jaw I look like I did 10 years ago! Thanks!” – K.V. *

“Just a thank you for the expert care received by you & your staff for my recent Pearl Treatment. I was certainly on edge and down-right scared the night & morning before. In my head I was screaming “What am I doing?”. With my extremely sensitive and endlessly upset skin (Rosacea and all) I thought I would experience the worst imaginable before/if I saw any results. Of course with your pre & post-treatment plan it was totally non-eventful and the only pain was simply staying indoors for 3 days.Of course we all see our own faces everyday & as the past few weeks have sped by I was questioning myself about if the Pearl experience was really worth the time & money spent….

This morning – jackpot! There I was at my dentist office having my teeth cleaned and while the hygienist (a young & very attractive young woman) was finishing up she says “You have really beautiful skin. You must get compliments all the time. You don’t even wear makeup.” Well, for someone who’s used to wearing a red & bumpy, well weathered, 51 year old face I have to admit I walked out of there beaming and still am. Yippee!! Thanks again” – A T *

“My trip to Mexico came up fast and I could not wear my 2 piece in public. I felt like cancelling my trip to Mexico. I booked my Lipo treatments and the ladies at New Beauty performed a miracle on my tummy. In 6 appointments my stomach went down 5 inches. I had so much confidence in my body I bought a new bikini. When we get back my husband will be looking after his belly area.” – Janet, 46 – 5 inches lost *
“I was not a believer at the start (how could this really work). I was busting out of my casino uniform. What this has done for my bra fat area has made me look slimmer and taller. No more stuffed pig, I lost 3 inches from my bra strap line in 2 weeks.” – Pam, 27 – 3 inches *
“They call me Debbie Doubter because I doubt everything that sounds too good. Well I have to say 4 inches off my hips, and working on my upper arms and thighs will be next.” – Debbie, 49 – 4 inches and still counting *
“I have had severe difficulty standing and walking away after a prolonged period of sitting (driving/ restaurant/ TV watching). If I tried to get up and walk away I would have been flat on the floor. It would take up to half a minute to “get my feet under way”. I have had 5 treatments now and am able to simply get up and walk. Amazing!” – Helen *
“I see improvement with knee pain and plantar fasciitis. My legs are firmer and I have lost 2″ from my upper thighs. I am a very overweight 50 something gal so results don’t show as quickly on me. But I can feel the changes in my sleep, my bad back which is stronger, my knees and feet, in my mood – significantly happier. My gait and posture are much improved. I think everyone over 50 should be on these machines – and we’d end arthritis and osteoporosis! I had been in menopause and after starting with Proellixe, my period returned. I’m not ready for menopause yet! At least on the Proellixe I’m heading into it like a warrior, strong, fleet and flexible!” – Laurel *
“I can tell you I feel like myself a few years back before fibro…more energy, not tired all the time, firming up a lot. Also feeling a lot happier mood wise, just all around more bubbly. I’m not sore as much and stuff, so it has made a lot of difference to me. I had a hard time walking for the most part; being in pain all over and especially the feet. I went through so much pain for 2 years before they figured out it was fibro that I had. So dealing with that and instant menopause caused me lots of grief to say the least. Anyways, that’s about it for now, I just know that I am so pleased to be feeling this good right now. Take care” – Bev *
“I have been using your Proellixe machine for 5 months and I am absolutely in love with it!!! I would really like to find out just how I could get one for myself…I am just a student and have been paying an arm and leg for each session to use the Proellixe and just thought I’d enquire on how much they are to lease… I run track and I have noticed such an incredible improvement in how I do on this machine!! It’s unbelievable! How often do you guys recommend using the Proellixe? Right now I am using it 3 days a week because that seems to be all I can afford unfortunately, but hopefully if you guys said more was beneficial I can figure out a way to do more.” – Marc Grams *
Disclaimer: Results May Vary