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The enVy® Pillow

How does the enVy® Pillow work?

Introducing enVy®: the pillow that puts the ‘beauty’ in ‘beauty sleep’. While offering therapeutic neck support, it also works to prevent wrinkles and sleep lines.* Over time, facial wrinkles can form from the way we sleep with our face against our pillow. EnVy combats the aging process to improve facial circulation, better distributing weight and reducing pressure points.* The “bumps” encourage air circulation to improve breathability and overall comfort.


What areas of concern does it address?

  • Ergonomic and chiropractic support – This pillow offers unparalleled neck, head and shoulder support. The enVy® pillow has also been recommended for those suffering from TMJ or those wearing orthodontic appliances.
  • Anti-aging/sleep wrinkle prevention – EnVy is designed to keep you “off your face” during sleep. While offering adequate neck support and comfort, sleep lines and wrinkles are kept at bay.*
  • Sleep quality and comfort – Using LuxFeel® memory foam for superior comfort, regardless of temperature, the enVy® pillow is excellent for post-treatment recovery as it prevents you from rolling onto your face while maintaining a comfortable head and neck position.

Who is it for?

Each enVy Pillow comes equipped with a 2 neck support system which offers a correction to our constant, forward head leaning over our desks, phones or computers. Most people love the larger neck support but feel free to simply spin the pillow and give both a try and you’ll soon know which one is best for you!

The enVy pillow is Canadian-made, comes with a luxurious bamboo pillowcase and is also available in travel size. Beauty sleep just got more beautiful; get your enVy® pillow today.

Watch the Video

Disclaimer: Results May Vary

CTV’s “The Social” talks about Wrinkles … and the enVy® Pillow!

Traci Melchor talks about sleep wrinkles and the importance of sleeping OFF your Face… and guess what pillow she sleeps with??

Disclaimer: Results May Vary