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GliSODin® Skin Nutrients

GliSODin® Skin Nutrients (GSN) is a nutritional beauty product line that is consumed orally to give you healthy, radiant skin from the inside out. Formulated by dermatologists and nutritionists, our products contain 100% natural ingredients that are easily absorbed into the system. Categorized as a nutricosmetic (nutritional cosmetic), GSN is revolutionizing the beauty industry by providing patients with a healthy and easy way to get the daily dose of antioxidants their bodies need to obtain and maintain beautiful glowing skin.

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Why GliSODin Skin Nutrients?

Each product has been created to address specific patient needs (details other side). Used on their own to maintain beautiful skin, or paired with both invasive and non-invasive medical technology procedures, these products have been shown to improve patients’ results. Your clients will notice accelerated healing time, minimized bruising and swelling, a healthy glowing complexion, and increased energy levels, leaving you with a happier and more satisfied clientele.*

What is GliSODin?

The star ingredient in every GSN product is GliSODin, which is extracted from a melon that contains extremely high levels of SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase). SOD also referred to as “the enzyme of life” is a Primary Antioxidant found in every living species, acting as the first line of defence against harmful toxins and cellular breakdown caused by free radicals.

GliSODin Products


Advanced Slimming Formula

The Advanced Slimming Formula offers a complete system for healthy weight loss and management. It is a safe and effective way to enhance the effects of body contouring technologies, and helps to maintain weight loss goals. Our unique system complements a healthy lifestyle, while providing beauty benefits such as an improved silhouette and a more toned physique.


Advanced Pre Post Formula

The Advanced Pre & Post Formula is recommended by your physician to support the body through invasive aesthetic treatments. Our specially designed formula prepares the body for cosmetic procedures to enhance recovery time. The Pre & Post Formula was formulated to address all levels of wound healing by helping in connective tissue formation and maintaining immune function.


Advanced Detoxification Formula

The Advanced Detoxification/Cleansing Formula was designed to purge toxins through the eliminative pathways, without the use of harmful laxatives. Many studies have shown that poor health and oxidative stress can lead to blemished, discoloured and dull skin, and premature aging.


Advanced Skin Brightening Formula

The Advanced Skin Brightening Formula promotes a bright, clear complexion, minimizing the damaging effects of sun exposure. It contains ingredients to increase the concentration of antioxidants, assists with evening out the skin tone, and provides nutrients to the dermis.


Advanced Anti Aging Formula

The Advanced Anti-Aging/Dermal Formula was formulated specifically to fortify the skin with the nutrients necessary to support its structure and function. This formula provides the skin with essential antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, and protect it from environmental factors. Taking the Advanced Anti-Aging/Dermal Formula is the fastest way to get the famous GliSODin glow!*


Advanced Lymphatic Formula

The Advanced Lymphatic Formula was designed to assist lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling caused by fluid retention in the body. Containing ingredients such as burdock and artichoke, this formulation has purification properties that help to eliminate toxins.