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Laser Genesis

What is it?

This is a noninvasive laser technology using near-infrared light and heat to get down to the dermis to stimulate collagen production and healthy cell growth. I call it my “skin polisher”, since it smoothes out the surface layers too. Laser genesis is also great for gradually building volume and reducing redness, not to mention for textural issues such as “orange peel” skin and fine lines. this is one of my personal favourites.

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Who’s it for?

Anyone with fine lines or texture issues such as large pores and scarring; it also reduces redness in dilated capillaries. It’s fantastic for people with a ruddy complexion caused by deep rosacea. For acne, it helps clear up outbreaks and blemish-causing bacteria. It can be used on any skin type or color.

What to expect.

For optimal outcomes, most people need six to eight treatments. At first, results are subtle, but the accumulative, long-term effect can be quite dramatic.*

Know this.

The procedure is totally painless and, in fact, can feel quite relaxing. At most, you may get some mild redness immediately after treatment, but it fades within hours.* There is no downtime.

More Information About Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis skin therapy is an innovative, technologically advanced way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in men and women. Now you can have a youthful appearance by treating those conditions that are typically associated with premature signs of aging and sun damage, such as excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture, and fine-line wrinkles. The Laser Genesis procedure has been scientifically proven to produce new collagen.*

The Laser Genesis procedure utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine-line wrinkles, diffuse and excessive redness and help manage large pores, uneven skin texture, and scars. You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation.* Treatments can be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anesthetics or gel.

What kind of textural improvements can you expect with Laser Genesis skin therapy?

Over the course of four to five treatments, Laser Genesis can help restore the skin’s youthful glow and appearance by smoothing out uneven textures caused by aging, sun damage or scars. You will see a more even, healthy complexion as large pores are reduced in size and minor imperfections are diminished. The individual treatment results are subtle, but the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Laser Genesis work?
By gently heating the upper dermis well below your skin’s surface, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness.


How many treatments will I need?
The treatment results are often subtle. On average, you may require four to six treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Every patient’s condition and needs vary. For more information about your expected results or the number of treatments necessary, consult us.


What are the possible side effects?
Although most patients report few side effects, the most common is a slight redness that disappears within a few hours of treatment.* Consult us for complete information about the benefits and risks of treatment.

Testimonial from Providers

“Laser Genesis is my go-to-complexion laser for providing a global refreshening of the entire face. Virtually 100% of my patients are thrilled with their results, since many patients are looking for more affordable, no-downtime treatments that really work.” – Debra Jaliman M.D.; Dermatologist

Laser Genesis In The Press

Kendall Jenner Admits to Getting Laser Genesis in Life & Style Magazine

According to Life&Style Magazine, Kendall Jenner recently admitted to using Laser Genesis to rid her face of acne, and gain the self-esteem and flawless skin that has helped contribute to a successful modeling career.

She’s now one of the most successful models in the business, but Kendall Jenner used to be ashamed of showing her face due to acne. Where it really impacted me was how self-conscious I became about it,” the 19-year-old writes in a new post on her website. Having all gone through it before, sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian encouraged her to “keep my hands off my face and to never pick. Visits to a dermatologist for Laser Genesis (a treatment to help reduce redness and scars) has left her with nearly flawless skin. – Life&StyleMagazine.com

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